BMR Automotive - inc Elgrand BMR
SERVICING. Our Full Service exceeds most manufacturer services and you wont get any nasty surprises when you come to collect the vehicle as we never carry out any extra work without first consulting the owner.
Prices for a Full Service start at £99 all in.
REPAIRS. We only use good quality replacement parts as you don t want the bother of having a part replaced twice and we don t want to have to do the job a second time without being paid to do it.
MOT TEST. We can arrange to get your vehicle MOT tested for you and you will get the peace of mind to know we wont let you forget the following years MOT as we will text or phone you in advance.
Price for the MOT is £45.
DIAGNOSIS and CODE READING: We can carry out diagnosis and code reading on most engines, ABS systems and SRS systems.
Price for code reading £20 to £40 depeding on model.
TIMING BELTS: Do you realise that if your car has a timing belt fitted it will require replacement at some point and if it is forgotten about it may cost you thousands of pounds to repair your engine should it fail. Stick to the manufactures recommendations as to when to change your belt and you should be fine.
Prices from £60 depending on make, model and year of vehicle.
BRAKES: Your braking system is the most important part of your car and as such should be in good order at all times not only for yours and your passengers sake but also the safety of other road users and pedestrians. All our Full Services have a visual inspection of all the braking system and the brake fluid is checked for moisture as an excess of air-borne moisture can cause brake fade and loss of braking when hot.
MINOR BODY AND PAINTWORK REPAIRS: Had a tap or a scuff? We can carry out small body repairs to your vehicle to keep it looking good.
WELDING TO MOT STANDARD: We carry out mig welding repairs to vehicles replacing sills, chassis sections, and body panels, if the welding only requires a patch thats all we will do unless you want more.

TOW BARS AND ELECTRICS: We fit and wire up tow equipment to most vehicles including those fitted with can bus controled lighting systems.
SPECIALIST VEHICLE REPAIRS: We carry out repairs and servicing to vehicles that are a little special, from scooters and motorhomes through to 4x4 diggers so if you have something a little different that needs work give us a call to discuss your needs.
NISSAN ELGRAND PARTS SHOP: We supply parts for the Nissan Elgrand E50 and E51 range of vehicles, see our dedicated pages on the left.

    We will collect and deliver your vehicle by arrangement provided the car can legally be driven on the road from certain locations within a 15 mile radius of our workshops at Heanor, Derbyshire. Please ask if your location is included.
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