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31st August till 3rd September JAE . Peterborough showground
This is the biggest Jap car meet and show of the year and is a must for anyone that wants to enjoy good company in a nice setting with an outdoor lifestyle. We have an EOC UK club stand and this year we have up to 50 E50s and E51s on the stand.  Ellis (Headless) off the EOC UK forum is planning on doing a live gig on our stand on the Saturday evening, we have a disco, lighting and as this years club stand is twice the size of last years we are hoping to have twice the fun. The BBQs (this year we have 2 double sided barrel bbqs on the go) get lit as soon as the club shelters go upon the Thursday afternoon and don't go out until after breakfast on Sunday, we have a fire pit, a cool pool with water and ice for the beer and a bloody good time with friends



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